Farmers Market Advisory Board

The Farmers Market Advisory Board is a seven member board appointed by City Council. The Board shall serve in an advisory capacity to the City Council and recommend revisions or additions to the Rules and Regulations. The Board and City of Emporia staff shall enforce all the rules and regulations and work with the vendors to assist in their success. Any dispute between vendors or potential violation of Market rules and regulations shall be reported in writing to the City immediately. Depending on the severity of the claim, the report may be forwarded to the Board for action. In this instance, the Board will consider the reported dispute and/or violation at its next regular meeting. Minor violations will be addressed by City Staff. Any vendor found to be in noncompliance shall receive a warning letter from the City and/or Board. Willful/continued violation of Market rules and regulations may subject the vendor(s) to exclusion from further participation in the Market.

The board meets quarterly or on an “as needed” basis in the conference room of the Municipal Building.

Term of Office:
4 Years


Appointee Position Term
Nancy Turner 11-30-2016-11-30-2020
David Webb 11-30-2014 – 11-30-2018
Bill Howell 11-30-2016-11-30-2020
Tia Powell 11-30-2013 – 11-30-2017
Drexel Pierce 11-30-2013 – 11-30-2017
Jean Cobb 11-30-2013 – 11-30-2017
Mike Allen 11-30-2014 – 11-30-2018
Carrie Moore 11-30-2013 – 11-30-2017