Highway Safety Commission

The Highway Safety Commission is responsible for reviewing issues of traffic and pedestrian safety in the City of Emporia as referred to it by the City Council, City Administration, other governmental agencies, or the general public. The Highway Safety Commission consists of five to eleven members appointed by City Council.

Term of Office:
3 Years

Meetings are held on an as-needed basis.


Appointee Position Term
Reginald Harris 9-30-2014 – 9-30-2017
Joshua Barnes 9-30-2014 – 9-30-2017
James E. Ewing, III Council Member 9-30-2013 – 9-30-2016
Jean Cobb 9-30-2013 – 9-30-2016
Sam C. Brown City Sheriff 9-30-2014 – 9-30-2017
Meade Horne Chair 9-30-2015 – 9-30-2018
Shirley Thomas 9-30-2014 – 9-30-2017
Ricky Pinksaw Chief of Police Ex Officio
Bob Morris Trasnp. Field Coordinator VDOT Representative